Oil & Gas

It is an exciting time to be a landowner in Northern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania.  With recent technological advances in horizontal drilling, the shale formations beneath your land have the potential to be highly profitable.  Rokisky & Associates represents landowners in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania on all matters relating to oil and gas leasing.

Services Provided:

Lease Negotiation – We have negotiated tens of thousands of acres of oil and gas leases on behalf of individuals and landowner groups.  We currently represent landowner groups in Hancock County, Brooke County, Wetzel County and Tyler County, West Virginia; Monroe County, Belmont County, Tuscarawas County, and Portage County, Ohio; and Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  We also represent individual landowners throughout the Ohio Valley. We also negotiate leases on behalf of landowners for purposes other than oil and gas minerals, which include pipeline/easement negotiations, surface use agreements, etc.

Pipeline Negotiation – Now that drilling has begun to increase, midstream companies are approaching landowners to get pipeline easements to get the shale gas to market.  We represent landowners in negotiating the pipeline easements to ensure that your land is protected.  

Leasing and/or Ownership Disputes – We work with the most respected and  reputable litigation law firms in the Ohio Valley to protect landowners rights in disputes over lease terms, royalty payments, and mineral ownership.

Estate & Tax Planning – We work with landowners and their families to ensure that their royalty payments are protected for their families into the future that the tax burden of the royalties is minimized as much as possible.

Mineral Right Sales – We represent landowners in negotiations to sell their mineral rights now rather than wait for royalty payments to begin.