Attorneys Who Can Help With Your Oil and Gas Lease Negotiation

The team of Rokisky, McCune, Wilharm, & Blair are licensed professionals and have been helping landowners and mineral owners negotiate with the oil and gas companies for years. Ohio Valley residents have trusted Rokisky Law in building out logical next steps in their lease negotiations with the oil and gas companies. Remember that your initial offer tends to favor the oil and gas company and our attorneys want to guide you to a better deal. Negotiating a better deal can save you a lot of stress in the future and make sure your land is valued properly.

Are you being protected in these oil and gas lease negotiations?

We can help make sure you get the proper value out of your land and minerals and make sure you get the money that you’re owed. This includes bonus payments, royalty payments, dictating what can be built on your property, how to challenge the company if they break the lease and the terms under which they can hold your lease. Let us work to make you a better deal that will allow you to keep your rights. You shouldn’t sign an agreement until you’ve spoken to an experienced oil and gas attorney.

Why having an oil and gas lawyer can help you negotiate?

Often landowners will look at the lease and think that it doesn’t look that complicated, so why use an attorney? Remember, the oil and gas lease was written by the company’s attorneys for the oil and gas company’s benefit. If you are not an experienced oil and gas or lawyer, do you know what the terms in that lease mean? When reviewing over the lease, you may not understand the use of many of the oil and gas jargon/terms. More importantly, when you are new to oil and gas leases, you don’t know what has been left out or is missing from the document. Do you know what the legal implications of the language in the lease are?

Additional Help and Resources

Rokisky Law has been the Ohio Valley’s leader in Oil and Gas lease negotiation and we continue to provide the community with information through articles and videos.

Subscribe to our bi-weekly show “Senior Living Today” or watch it live on WTOV9 (Sundays 11:00 am). We often cover topics involving Oil and Gas leases and royalties.

You can also read more about Oil and Gas Leases, Negotiations, and Royalties on our Oil and Gas Blog.

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