If you have been a victim of a companies negligence, Rokisky Law can help. We are the law experts and trusted slip and fall attorneys.

Rokisky, McCune, Wilharm and Blair understand there are accidents and there are also preventable accidents. We have been working with the citizens of Weirton and neighboring cities for years, bringing justice to the victims of company negligence. Providing a safe workplace is the duty of any trusted business. Employees should feel safe when going to work. Customers should also have trust when entering a business that they won’t be put in harm’s way. If you are a victim of a work-place accident or in the need of a slip and fall attorney, contact Rokisky Law.

What is a Work-Related Accident?

A work-related accident is any unintended event that occurs in the course of work (excluding domestic work) that leads to an injury or condition. Traffic accidents that happen at the workplace or in the course of work (while commuting to work on company transport).

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Common Work-Related Accidents Topics

Slip and Fall Cases and Need for Slip and Fall Attorneys

The fault for a slip and fall accident isn’t usually clear, and property owners (and their insurers) aren’t in the business of accepting legal responsibility for an accident unless liability is obvious. It’s pretty common for slip and fall defendants to argue that the plaintiff’s injuries (damages) aren’t as bad as they claim.

Unsafe Acts or Work Conditions

Unsafe Acts or Work Conditions is defined as any act or work condition that appears unsafe and may cause damage to life or property. Companies should provide you a safe working environment and try to prevent all work-related accidents. Often these unsafe acts or work conditions are reported and businesses fail to make adjustments.

Personal Injury

A personal injury is an injury to your body, mind, or even emotions. Rokisky, McCune, Wilharm & Blair will discuss damages with you including medical costs, pain, and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress, hospital and doctor bills, length of time to recover, loss of profits and the damages you suffered to your body.

Additional Help and Resources

Rokisky Law has been the Ohio Valley’s leader in Personal Injury Law and we continue to provide the community with information through articles and videos.

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